Letters to Part

Sometimes from our most vulnerable moments, we can capture and create something wonderful. As is the case of Orlando based Post-Rock group, Letters to Part.

Initially an outlet to cope with the tragic passing of his cousin in 2010, Y’suha began to find himself crafting songs that illustrated his grieving process resulting in the release of the first Letters to Part EP back in 2012. Leaving for Orlando, Letters to Part slowly began to take shape as Y’suha recruited Dustyn Murphy to take over the drums and percussion, while having Hunter step in as LTP’s second guitarist in 2015, shortly after releasing their second EP Altered Ego. Without wasting any time the 3-piece began to fervently work on their LP, titled A Human Curse.

After an extensive cycle of creation and demoing, the only way LTP decided they would put their music put in the world, was that if it was presented in the absolute best way possible. This brought them back down south the record with Daniel Columbo of Iceman Studios and the recruitment of their final member, Chris Ramos. As a complete group, Letter’s to Part was now ready to take the next step, signing to Wilhelm Records in early 2017.

With an LP on the verge of being released and a busy touring schedule, Letters to Part is poised to become one of the newest and biggest names in rock music, with their intense approach to ambience and emotion.


Vocals, Guitar / Y'Shua Ortiz-Escobedo
Guitar / Hunter Gelsen
Bass / Chris Ramos
Drums / Dustyn Murphy


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